• FireFish Grill Santa Cruz Wharf

    Great Local Deals at FireFish Grill

  • Good Ship Lollipop Jaycee Barber

    All Aboard on the Good Ship Lollipop

    We love doing small, side projects for our friends, especially when we get to be super creative, and that was the case with the Good Ship Lollipop project. Our friend and co-owner of Kianti’s Tracy Barber reached out asking if we would help her document and produce a video of her daughter, amazing young talent […]

  • Graniterock 12 Lifesaving Habits
  • Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Typhoon Ride

    Getting upside down on the Typhoon

    When there’s a new ride at the Boardwalk that means a new video to produce and this one took us upside down and all around literally. We don’t just mount a GoPro on the ride and let the riders have all the fun. I love getting on the rides too and getting some shooting in. […]

  • Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Main Entrance Timelapse

    Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s New Main Entrance

    If only it was this quick to complete the project in the amount of time the video depicts it. It’s amazing to think they were able to complete the project in the time that they did considering it was the rainiest year Santa Cruz has seen in a long time. We can say that it […]