Where’s the Beef?

In 2013, Tam Communications, in partnership with Authentic Entertainment, sold a two-episode TV pilot to National Geographic Television. The network fast-tracked the project and programmed the pilots to air in August. As we neared our premier date, we realized that the network didn’t promote pilots on their own air; except in the half-hour leading up to the show. Yes it would be on their website and in TV Guides (do they still print those?). Our question: How were we to get an audience without promotion so we set out to promote it ourselves. With reality star Tom Buchanan in the lead (Survivor Africa and Survivor All Stars) and fellow star Lex van den Berghe as our Co-Executive Producer (same show) we felt we had some viral possibilities. We created the Family Beef Facebook and Twitter presence and started building a fan base and exploiting other broadcast or podcast opportunities. The night of the show, we hosted a Twitter party. Our efforts paid off in Facebook fans. We went from zero to over 9000 fans in two weeks.