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Our series and documentary work over the years with the United States Coast Guard has provided us opportunities that did not end up on broadcast or cable but typically it was for other Coast Guard-related agencies. A PSA for Fish & Wildlife reminding you to wear your PFD (personal flotation device AKA life jacket); a recruiting video and commercial for the Coast Guard Academy; an educational piece explaining regulations on fishing in the Bering Sea are examples. So, when we got a call from Bob Billstein, an 11-year veteran of the USCG, we were delighted to help him build out his website. It’s a small company and a small website but a pleasure to take what was a 90s-era website and make it mobile ready, totally responsive. Regan Eymann managed the project from start-to-finish including most of the integration. Additional development work was completed by Tim O’Connor Fraser of Dewdrop Media.

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