Anritsu’s New Spectrum Analyzer Takes it to the Extreme

We actually produced this video last fall for an Anritsu EMEA sales conference but we couldn’t share it until recently when the product actually launched. Our client, former Tamster, Siiri Hage, called us in for a project intake where she wanted to combine extreme sports footage with their new ultra-portable Spectrum Analyzer, a revolutionary new product for the telecommunications industry. The MS2760A is so small it can be carried in a pocket. There’s nothing else like it on the market.

What’s cool about working with an ex-employee is that she knows our process and can feel confident that we’ll take their great idea and make it better.

As Producer, Regan Eymann, hit the stock footage libraries to find the very best in extreme sports—from base jumping to sky diving, white water canoeing to street luge, I went to work on the “script”. It’s part of what I love about writing. One day I might be writing copy about the fun you can have at the Boardwalk, hearing an inviting female voice in my head, and the next day I’m hearing heavy metal and no voice at all. In this case, it was all about the imagery and the graphics.

Mike Baxter of Makai Designs took the script and combined just the right amount of cutting edge graphics and effects, compositing in Tam’s edited audio/video track of extreme sports, and Aaron Dingman’s 3D animation of the product.

The end result not only rocked the room at the EMEA sales conference but is now rocking trade shows around the world. And you want to know how our client, Siiri Hage felt about the project, well I’ll tell you, “When our traditionally conservative company wanted to find an exciting way to showcase our new disruptive technology, I knew just where to turn. Tam Communications helped us develop two amazing videos. First, a powerful and invigorating kick-off video which we used for pre-engagement with our Sales force, and then publicly at tradeshows and online for customers. Second, a professionally produced 4.5 minute “TV show” to feature one of our exciting use case applications involving a drone! Both videos have been wildly popular and are doing a great job for our brand awareness, driving interest and enthusiasm for our game-changing technology.”