We’re Back with Lutronic and their Aesthetic Lasers

We’re in post-production right now on two videos for our client Lutronic, a Korean-based an aesthetic laser company. We’ve worked with a number of laser companies over the years and what makes Lutronic extra special is that our client is a former Tamster, Tracy Evelshin. We love when we are able to work with former employees who are also great friends of the company and members of the Tam team.

The two videos we are working on include a corporate overview video to promote the company around the globe and a testimonial piece on one of the company’s newest laser, LaseMD. I can personally say that the LaseMD is an exceptional machine with proven results. I have been fortunate enough to have work done with this laser and was able to treat years of sun damage and aging to my skin from not only playing water sports but also from many years of lifeguarding on the beach. Stay tuned for both of those videos hitting our channels in the new year.

These are not the first videos we’ve produced for Lutronic. We’ve also produced lobby videos for two of their other products, PicoPlus and enCurve. Working with some Bay Area actors we’ve worked with on other projects along with some great Santa Cruz actors, we were challenged to tell a before and after story with a single day of production for each video. It was our goal to start forming a look and feel that’s consistent and on brand with a focus on marketing to an American audience. Take a look for yourself…