• “Memories Made Here”. Yes they are.

    We’ve been producing a Summer Special for the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk since 2007, the year they celebrated their Centennial (100 years. Wow!). We were asked, at the time, to create a “Look Live” half-hour television special. “Look Live” is a program that looks as if it is happening live but is actually taped and […]

  • Behind-the-Scenes of Behind-the-Scenes

    We produce over 40 commercials for the Boardwalk each year and most shared what we called the day and night base (last year we actually had four day bases but that’s another story). We had last shot video for our bases in 2008 and while we had edited new versions a couple of times, we […]

  • Guns and Hoses

    We love return business but having this particular client call us to update the recruiting video we had originally produced for them in 1999 was especially sweet. The City of Sunnyvale’s Department of Public Safety recruiting video was in need of an extreme makeover. You see the Tam team has a particular passion for those […]