• Using new 4K technology to improve our storytelling

    Our goal for every shoot is to convey an engaging, exciting—and most importantly—authentic story. As Tam Communications starts yet another year of working behind the camera to bring our clients’ vision to life, we’ve added a new toy to our production equipment arsenal: the 4K Panasonic Camera. Our cinematographer, Tam, brought out the 4K camera […]

  • International Academy of Dance, Santa Cruz, Dance Studio

    Engaged in our Community with International Academy of Dance

    Every year we like to partner with an organization that is going above and beyond to make a change in our community. The last couple of years, that partnership has grown with International Academy of Dance, a dance school located in Santa Cruz. My children have been going to this school for about four years […]

  • We’re Back with Lutronic and their Aesthetic Lasers

    We’re in post-production right now on two videos for our client Lutronic, a Korean-based an aesthetic laser company. We’ve worked with a number of laser companies over the years and what makes Lutronic extra special is that our client is a former Tamster, Tracy Evelshin. We love when we are able to work with former […]

  • Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Holiday Ice Social

    Guest Experience of Holiday Ice at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

    It’s not always about creating those short, thrilling, eye-catching social media videos. There’s also a place where longer, informational, testimonial pieces are needed like on a website for those looking for more information. The beauty of these videos is you have a captive audience who is looking to get just that information…what is my experience […]