• Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Holiday Ice Commercial

    Ice Skating at the Boardwalk!?

    Yes, I said it, ice skating at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and oh what fun we had and has been had by so many already this holiday season. And it’s not just ice skating you get to enjoy when you sign up for a session, there are rides, delicious food, smores, a craft cottage, […]

  • Bluejay Diagnostics New Website

    Bluejay Diagnostics – The merging of the old and the new

    Old client/new client. One can be both. In fact, it happens a lot at Tam Communications. In this case, it was Jeff Aidt, our client for many years at Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics and before that MAST Immunosystems. We first worked with him on a website and collateral. When MAST was acquired by Hitachi, we revamped […]

  • Goodguys Autumn Get Together Pleasanton California
  • Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Liliana the Boardwalk Expert Games

    Liliana the Boardwalk Games Expert

    Sheeeeeee’s baaaaack!! Yes, we got to shoot another season of episodes for Liliana the Boardwalk Expert and there are so many waiting to air. Here’s just one of the latest episodes in the series where Liliana shows us how she plays some of her favorite games at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

  • FireFish Grill Santa Cruz Wharf

    Great Local Deals at FireFish Grill