Spring + Thanksgiving = SPRINKSGIVING!

So what do you get when you mix a beautiful spring day with the concept of giving? It’s Sprinksgiving, of course! It’s a new tradition at Santa Clara University and it comes complete with turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce sandwiches that were absolutely delicious.

Sprinksgiving is celebrating its second year at SCU. It’s an opportunity for students to give thanks to donors who help fund their student experience. This includes everything from new buildings to scholarships to academic and athletic programs and equipment to student initiatives, just to name a few.

This was the second year that Tam Communications was called in to help document the event and to create a video that could be shown to those that help make that experience possible — friends, family, and supporters of the University.

There were a few unique aspects to this project. First, it’s about thanking donors for what they’ve already done versus the typical “ask” most fund raising videos include. Will it encourage the supporter to give again? You bet!

Secondly, it puts a face to the donation. Supporters can see who is being helped through their financial commitment. It’s not just an organization’s executive director or president listing off what was done with their contribution.

Finally like last year, we arrived on location not totally sure what to expect. Sure, we had objectives, questions, a schedule, and a location. But the organic nature of the event requires that you go with the flow…making certain the magic is “in the can”.  That organic nature delivers authenticity and makes this year’s story different from last year’s. Different people; different stories; different notes of gratitude. In the end, it made it a powerful illustration of how much these students really do care about the support they’re given. It feels really good to help create that connection.