TeamTam40 – Celebrating 40 Years!

This year Tam Communications turns 40, and we started thinking about how to mark this anniversary last year, when we were a mere 39. We had plenty of time to plan a celebration but then, as it always seems to go, planning was put on hold while clients kept us super busy telling their brand stories instead of planning a huge part of our own. The official launch date should have been May 10, 2019, but here we are in July just now ready to roll out #TeamTam40. Of course, we gave birth to the company in Silicon Valley where launches don’t always go as planned (we know from experience!) so we also have THAT excuse to fall back on.

We’re excited by the stories we want to tell, which will include not only a look back at our four decade-old roller coaster ride through the world of corporate communications and television, and our own role in both, but will also feature some of TeamTam’s former “Tamsters” as we check in on what they’re up to now (one is up for an Emmy!). We’ll hear from some amazing client/partners who set trends in their industries and, hopefully, through the process we’ll laugh at the craziness that happened on and off the set.

This blog category (#TeamTam40) will house the stories to include interviews, stills, and video. We’re going to push ourselves and our larger #TeamTam (friends, family, staffers, clients, freelancers, and more) to get creative as they share their own adventures. Like our creative, production, and editing processes, don’t expect the story to be linear. It will be a stream of consciousness-like exercise that will, we hope, keep it interesting and will be reflective of the very nature of our business. We learn something new every day and every day is different. That’s our reality and we’ll infuse this effort with that as well. One of the requirements of any Tam project/production is that we have fun, so our story certainly has to have fun as a key ingredient.

If you have input to the story, bring it on!

Photo: TeamTam circa 1998, celebrating the completion of a series of videos for Altera.