1. Bluejay Diagnostics New Website

Old client/new client. We have a bunch of them. Also, old employee/new client. And old contractor/new client. We have those, too. Long-standing partnerships and collaborations deliver amazing results and the trust and communication just gets better and better.

It was awesome to get a call from Jeff last fall to ask about our interest in helping him produce a video and a website for his new employer, Massachusetts-based Bluejay Diagnostics, Inc. Bluejay is a clinical stage diagnostic company with a new product for point-of-care testing for Allergic Conjunctivitis, Allereye™; otherwise known as pink eye. As with all start-ups, Bluejay’s budget wasn’t that big but the website was very simple and the video (prominently featured on the site) was to use mostly stock footage and then some cool animation (thanks to Aaron Dingman’s 3D animation skills).

Susan O’Connor Fraser was creative director/copy editor; Regan Eymann produced; Mike Baxter was the Art Director; and Timothy O’Connor Fraser was the technical consultant and web developer.

Needless to say, we were pleased that our client was pleased with the end result and for us the process of working with us.

“Our experience with the team at Tam was second to none. They worked diligently to understand our needs and were never afraid to challenge our assumptions, which we greatly valued. Bluejay considers itself a world-class organization. Throughout the process, we established great relationships that validated Bluejay’s trust in Tam as a world-class partner. The quality of the work produced could not have been better. Everything was delivered on-schedule or sooner, and budgets were adhered to.” Jeffrey Aidt, Senior Director, Corporate Marketing, Bluejay Diagnostics, Inc.

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