This feature length high-def documentary tracks the journey of the Coast Guard Cutter Eagle from Portland, Oregon to San Francisco where she leads the Tall Ships Parade through the Golden Gate and into San Francisco Bay. This is Eagle’s first trip to the West Coast in over a decade.

Eagle is the largest tall ship flying the American flag and the only square-rigger in active U.S. government service. Its rich nautical heritage begins in the German Navy in 1936.

Over the course of this adventure, Eagle’s importance becomes clear. On her decks and in her twenty miles of rigging, Coast Guard cadets get their first taste of life at sea. They learn to overcome fear and to work together to tackle the elements and bring their classroom instruction to life.

On the Wings of Eagle, developed by Santa Cruz, California filmmakers Tam and Susan O’Connor Fraser, is much more than an ocean expedition – it’s the story of the journey from student to officer. First class cadets (seniors) serve as the ship’s junior officers – making decisions and giving orders to the third class cadets (incoming sophomores) – all under the watchful eye of a seasoned permanent crew of officers and enlisted personnel. The experience helps them develop the leadership skills and teamwork necessary for their future careers in the U.S. Coast Guard.