Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Casting Call

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Did you find love at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk? Or what do you love about this special place in Santa Cruz?

Here’s the scoop:

This summer’s Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk summer television special is all about love at the Boardwalk. Scheduled to air multiple times this summer (more information to come), this half-hour show has been a big hit for eight years in a row and we expect this year’s program to be the best yet.

We’ve been shooting for weeks but have one day where we’ll be on the Boardwalk looking for YOUR love stories.

Come to the Boardwalk for Summer Kick-Off on May 16th and look for us!

We’ll be the ones with the banner reading, “Want to be on TV?”. Come share your #BoardwalkLove story. We can’t promise you’ll make the final cut of the program but there are also the Boardwalk’s social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube—the Boardwalk is everywhere.

And if you have pictures of your Boardwalk experience, bring those, too. We’ll scan them to be a part of your story and give them back to you right on the spot.

So think about it…

What do you love about the Boardwalk?

The Giant Dipper or the Carousel?

Marini’s salt-water taffy?

Going there with your kids or grandkids?


Did you meet the love of your life on the Boardwalk?

If you have something to say about the Boardwalk and love, then we want to hear it.

Have questions? Contact us at [email protected].