Established in 1979

While our core team is based in the hills above Santa Cruz, California, our larger virtual team and our partners, are plugging in from all over Northern California and beyond. We’re all focused on putting our talent and tools to work to tell the best stories imaginable.

Over the past three decades, we’ve accumulated walls and shelves full of awards for everything from video to print, web to digital media, television programming and commercials (and are honored by them) but it’s how we’ve helped make our customers success that we’re most proud of.

We are obsessed with satisfying their clients and we do that through the Tam Commandments. Used in a tongue-and-cheek fashion, the (only) six Tam Commandments are messages that support our company’s values.

Tam Commandments

#1 Process is as important as product.

We’re collaborators. We want our clients to be involved as much (or as little) as they want in the process. And we want it to be easy. In the end, we want the client to be as satisified with not only the product but the process as well.

#2 The customer is not always right.

Radical thought, right? We believe we are hired for our critical thinking and for our ability to add value. It’s not in our nature to just blindly do what someone asks without running it through the filter of three decades of experience doing this thing we do. In the end, however, the customer IS the customer.

#3 Give the customer what they need.

Closely tied to #2, some times our clients don’t know exactly what they want but they’re typically pretty clear on what they want to accomplish. It’s our job to make certain our creative solution meets or exceeds those objectives. And again, in the end…

#4 It’s what we produce that counts.

Work smarter, not harder. Our clients are less concerned with how hard we work and more concerned with what we deliver. As they should be. We’re always interested in improving the process and our work flow if it will deliver a better product and increase customer satisfaction.

#5 Admit your mistakes and move on.

Clients trust us because we’re open, honest and transparent, even on those rare occasions when we have bad news to deliver. They know they can depend on us to say what we mean and mean what we say.

#6 Close the loop.

We’re all busy and no one wants more email but closing the loop allows our organization and our clients’ to move forward, with the peace of mind that a requested task is done.

Meet Our Team

Tam O'Connor Fraser

It’s no wonder Tam is in the business of TV—his godfather was Vince Edwards, aka “Ben Casey” (Google it!). And his life in the entertainment industry actually pre-dates that. His parents were circus performers—his mother an aerial artist and his father an animal trainer. Yes, he has stories to tell, but he’d rather tell yours. And he’ll tell it with the passion of a filmmaker with an obsession for customer satisfaction. His biggest flaw: He won’t put down the camera. He’ll keep shooting and shooting and shooting.

Susan O'Connor Fraser

Exec. Producer/Creative Director/Writer
Susan loves to write. Yes…she’s also the Executive Producer and one of the co-founders of the company, but it’s the writing that inspires her. Telling stories, creating an emotional connection between our clients and their customers; between brands and buyers. She has an eclectic playlist, loves to dance and laugh out loud, and requires that every project we do have some element of fun. She’s passionate about her community and has made it a core part of our work—giving back to the place we love.

Regan Eymann

If you want to understand how Regan attacks a project, consider this: She skated roller derby for 12 years, named MVP for four of those seasons for the world-ranked Santa Cruz Derby Girls. And, like all great athletes, she’s laser-focused on the end goal, moving things in the right direction, and making sure that when all is said and done, it’s a win-win. If you’re looking for a powerhouse producer/director, who has her eye on the prize (your satisfaction, look no further.

Diane Dobbs

Officer Manager
Diane has a dizzying array of hobbies. She likes to shoot pool, oil paint, read and cook. She also loves spending time outdoors whether it’s gardening, taking her dog Whisper (shhh!) for walks, or hiking. She practices random acts of kindness, including paying someone else’s check (how cool is that) and, like all of us at Tam, loves to laugh. Not so much before noon. Her motto: “All the coffee in Columbia won’t make me a morning person.” She’s always had an aptitude for math. Good thing...she’s our bean counter.

Meet Our Partners

Tim O’Connor Fraser

Web/App Developer
Tim says he loves “to build things with people who care about their work.” In his case, the “things” are websites. Our designated web developer, Tim spends a lot of time staring at a screen so when he’s not working, he’s probably outdoors gardening. Tim’s motto comes from the great Zen teacher Shunryu Suzuki: “You are perfect just the way you are, and you could use a little improvement.” Pretty much sums up web development.
Kim Luke

Kim Luke

Kim has spent most of her life involved with productions of one sort or another, from theater and live music, to performance art and parades. She’s an accomplished playwright and songwriter, and loves telling stories in a variety of ways. She likes big picture thinking, and somehow also relishes the gritty details. Kim’s diverse professional history lends itself to all aspects of a production. She brings the whole package to every project she works on, along with a keen sense of humor to keep everything balanced.
Aaron Dingman

Aaron Dingman

2D/3D Graphics/Animation
Aaron’s favorite childhood memory is climbing Mount St. Helens with his Dad when he was 12. His aspiration to reach new heights continues to this day, whether it’s pushing his 2D/3D art and animation skills to new levels or pushing himself through martial arts to better himself physically, mentally and spiritually. He takes this same passion for excellence into every project, which has made him our go-to guy for 3D animation. His secret wish is to attend a steampunk themed costume party. Oops, it’s no longer a secret!
Mike Baxter

Mike Baxter

Art Director/Digital Effects
Mike describes himself as adventurous, spending his spare time diving, indoor rock climbing, and competing in obstacle run events. As an art director, artist, and motion graphics expert, a sense of adventure can come in handy. He also likes the diversity of the projects he works on and loves to blow away the client’s expectations. We like that, too! Besides his amazing talent, what we like most about Mike is that, like us, he loves bringing laughter into the lives of others. Having fun in what we do is requirement #1.
Andy Olson

Andy Olson

Andy seems to be into rope – he has a zipline in his backyard and he teaches knot tying to 4Hers and scouts. Good thing he gets to hang things for a living – mostly lights. His motto: “My job is to make you look good.” Take our word for it. He will! He also juggles and rides a unicycle, but fortunately also drives his very own grip truck.
Larry April

Larry April

Media Buyer
A native of Massachusetts, Larry began his advertising career at Kenyon & Eckhardt International in Bah-stun. Since moving here from Beantown. Larry has made media planning his thing for not only clients in Santa Cruz County and throughout the Central Coast, but in the Bay Area. Larry, also, loves playing golf. Fortunately for us, he’s a lot better at making media buys than he is at sinking putts. So while we’re not inclined to sponsor him in any golf tournaments, we’re glad to have him as an expert partner when it comes to helping our clients get maximum exposure for their Tam Communications produced TV commercials.