We live and breathe this world. So, however your story is being told and whether it will be delivered to the desktop, a mobile device or “television” (whatever that is these days), you want it to be both on brand and message. The truth is everyone has a camera these days and a lot of people can edit. And that’s why it all comes down to storytelling. That’s the value we bring. Four decades of telling stories that deliver results.


Our Core Services – at a Glance


As they say, “you only have one opportunity to make a first impression.” Nowadays, that first impression can be made on anyone, anytime, anywhere. Be sure to capitalize on each impression and engage each viewer through powerful scripting, design, production, and editing, and a process that makes your life easier.



Tam Communications has been developing virtual experiences, websites, web-based demos and presentations, apps and digital content since those terms were either brand new or not yet known. We collaborate with our clients on objectives, structure, content, and design. We build pages, write copy, program, integrate database functionality, do search engine optimization, and set up blog and social media functions. We can implement e-commerce and provide maintenance services.



We work directly with in-house and outside agencies and marketing departments, wearing the appropriate creative hat for the campaign and client. Image or promotional, national or regional, we’ve produced a ton of spots for some of the most amazing brands. Whether it’s a :30 spot or a 30-minute infomercial, time and time again our work stands out from the clutter.


2D/3D Animation

Our expertise in this arena dates back decades. It’s one more valuable tool in our creative toolkit. Our team has collaborated on everything from award-winning social media content and commercials to trade show presentations; from sales and promotional to educational materials; we propose animation when it’s the best approach to capture the imagination and deliver the message.



Producing long-form television programs is another one of our guilty pleasures, and doing that from Santa Cruz is the best thing ever. What have we done? How about a two-episode pilot, Family Beef, for National Geographic Television; nine one-hour specials for Discovery Channel; 26 episodes of Vacation SOS for Travel Channel; a one-hour documentary, Coast Guard at War, for the Military Channel; three hours for Discovery Health; and 68 half-hour episodes of the syndicated series Coast Guard, which still airs internationally as Sea Rescue.