Sciton mJoule Virtual Showroom

Sciton’s mJoule Virtual Showroom

Sciton Tackled the Challenge

Sciton, a leader in aesthetic lasers, faced the dilemma of what to do when a cancelled trade show coincided with the launch of one of their most important products in years. We suggested they consider a virtual product launch and their ears perked up. Thus, began the collaboration, which launches wide this month with the introduction of mJoule, combining two popular technologies into a single platform. The mJoule product is ideal for Dermatology offices, plastic surgeons, and MedSpas, because of the vast number of treatments that can be performed on a single and compact system. Practitioners can easily switch from one handpiece/mode to another achieving even better results and greater patient satisfaction.

Videos, Webinars, Collateral, and More

The virtual execution contains multiple videos including demos of the products and each of its hand pieces, testimonials from both physicians and patients, along with interactive callouts of the most important product features and benefits of the mJoule. Selectable “before and after” images highlight the outstanding results physicians can expect for their patients. Archived webinars give visitors to the virtual space even more detailed information. They can also register for future virtual events and download product information. Finally, if they want to know more and move forward in the sales process, they can connect with a rep in their area, right there in the room.

TeamTam Delivers

While off-the-shelf solutions were available, Sciton chose to work with Tam Communications to build their virtual event from the ground up. The team included Executive Producer/Creative Director, Susan O’Connor Fraser; Producer, Regan Eymann; Art Director, Michael Baxter; 3D Artist/Animator, Aaron Dingman, and Web Developer, Timothy O’Connor Fraser (Dewdrop Media). Tracy Geisler produced for Sciton.

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