Preemies the Fight for Life – Discovery Channel

Preemies: The Fight for Life

Each year, millions of babies around the world are born premature. Some die just moments after birth; others continue to vie for strength and health. Some will lose, some will win—but all must fight for life.

 takes you to the very heart of their battle for survival: the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Doctors struggle to keep preemies’ fragile lungs from collapsing, performing critical operations on infants weighing less than two pounds. Helpless, parents watch and wait, never knowing if their child will make it…never knowing if their child will ever come home.

Preemies: The Fight for Life
 is a one-hour documentary that focuses on the treatment and care of these tiny infants. Attend the emergency C-section delivery of Baby Jada. Born 12 weeks early, Jada is quickly put on a ventilator and rushed into the NICU. Watch as surgeons perform an urgent operation to close an opening in Baby Neil’s tiny heart. Meet the team of doctors who developed the medical advances that have dramatically improved outcomes for thousands of premature babies. Hear from parents as they experience the hour-to-hour ups and downs of their child’s condition.

Candid interviews. On-scene video as the action unfolds. 
Preemies: The Fight for Life is a gripping and unforgettable look into the lives of premature babies, their families, and the professionals who fight to keep them alive.