Goodguys Custom & Rod Association

Goodguys Goes Digital

After successfully producing traditional broadcast spots–TV and Radio–for the Goodguys since 2016, we were tapped in 2019 to produce content for their digital ads and social media marketing. This included creating videos for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Digital & Video PMPs, ConnectedTV, and YouTube. This request required that we create videos in three different formats – 16:9 horizontal, 9:16 vertical, and 1:1 square. With each format we produced, the creative content was specific based on the platform where the ad would be featured to make sure we were connecting in a meaningful way with the target audience. This included call-to-action requests on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Check out a few of the ads produced for some of the social channels.
9:16 vertical format is used for Facebook and Instagram stories, and for Snapchat.
16:9 horizontal format is used for Facebook Instream ads, native uploads, display and PMP Videos, Connected TV, YouTube, and Twitter.
1:1 square format is used for Facebook and Instagram feeds.