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100 Years, Millions of Memories

Since 1907 visitors have come to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk seeking escape from the routines of daily life and the summer heat of California’s inland valleys. Although a hundred years have passed, the simple joys that entertained previous generations still charm families today.

This 90-minute documentary, filled with rate film footage, vintage photographs, and heartfelt interviews, captures the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s enduring appeal to children of all ages.

Journey back through time and experience the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk–the last of California’s great seaside amusement parks.

“The Santa Cruz Boardwalk is a jewel among American beach resorts.”
–James Lilliefors, author of America’s Boardwalks

“Whoever said you can’t go home again obviously never spent a summer vacation at the Boardwalk.”
–John Poimiroo, Travel Editor, California Magazine