A Farewell to the Derby Girls

Tam Communications has been an extremely proud supporter/sponsor of the Santa Cruz Derby Girls since 2009, well even longer than that if you count our time with the Santa Cruz Roller Girls. Currently, we have two members of the league working for Tam –myself, aka Shamrock N.Roller and Jill Combs, aka Mojo Vixen. It’s been so awesome being able to be involved with derby at that level, nothing better than getting paid to log bout footage, produce and edit together derby videos. We have done their video production since the beginning covering all the home bouts for archival footage, producing videos after games, covering their community events, providing intro videos to the players and producing their end of year wrap up video or prom video to the league. We have had such a great time being a league sponsor and I am looking forward to continue as a player for the Boardwalk Bombshells and Tam and Susan to come watch me play!

Check out the Santa Cruz Derby Girls YouTube Channel and some of the videos we have produced for them.

Here’s one of my personal favorites: