A Peach of a Client!

One of my favorite clients Peachwood’s has been very busy lately with launching a new company and rebranding their restaurant and weddings/special events. We have been working hard for them and we’ve still got more to do, launching a new website and creating a new section to their current one. If you’ve never had a meal at Peachwood’s Steakhouse then you are missing out! The lunch is delicious and the dinner amazing. The dinner features a five-course meal, with generous portions at a really great price. The other arm of Peachwood’s is the weddings & special events and it is where I got married, my brother got married and we have had all of our big events from birthday parties to anniversaries throughout the years. And the Peachwood’s is branching away from their home at Pasatiempo with the creation of PeachGirl Catering & Events, a off-site way to enjoy Peachwood’s cuisine and the experience of their event specialists in a location of your choice.

Our main work with Peachwood’s and PeachGirl is executing their marketing plan, working closely with Jenifer Smith Ringel and Shannon Finney-Candelario, we have assisted them with redesigning the restaurant menus, catering menus, wedding brochures, social media outreach, advertising plan and ad creation, palettes at Costco, e-newsletters and so much more. It’s a chance to be creative in ways that is not limited to video and really take our experience beyond the television.

Check out Peachwood’s current site here.