Anritsu Debuts the Signal Hunters

We don’t care where good ideas come from. As Creative Director, it’s mostly left up to me but not always. Sometimes it’s Tam or Regan and sometimes it’s our client. That was the case in this situation where the client, Anritsu, came up with the idea of doing a parody of “Myth Busters” to illustrate how their revolutionary new spectrum analyzer can do something no other product can do. It can go airborne attached to a small off-the-shelf UAV.

I knew right away I was going to have fun with this one. I jumped into the writing and soon knew the title of our show “Signal Hunters”. As I worked my way through the script, Regan put her Casting Director hat on and posted a casting call on SF Casting. The call was for a male and female hipster duo. We also had a couple of actors we’ve worked with before so reached out to them as well. Two of them landed the role — Puneet Prasad and Cynthia Strahan.

Our client found the perfect location in Morgan Hill for us to answer the question: “Can you find a hidden microwave or millimeter wave signal using standard off-the-shelf test equipment?” Tam and Regan co-directed the video, as they often do. We added Daniel Carettoni to the crew with his UAV so we can get air to air video.

I’m always a little nervous when I write, worrying whether it will sound as good in delivery as it did in my head. You would think I’d get over it after all these years but no. Of course, I had no need to worry. Puneet and Cynthia were great. Great chemistry and great delivery.

The finishing touches were added in post with Tam finding just the right music and Mike Baxter of Makai Designs creating the graphics with just enough edge.

And this is what our client, Siiri Hage, had to say, “When our traditionally conservative company wanted to find an exciting way to showcase our new disruptive technology, I knew just where to turn. Tam Communications helped us develop two amazing videos. First, a powerful and invigorating kick-off video which we used for pre-engagement with our Sales force, and then publicly at tradeshows and online for customers. Second, a professionally produced 4.5 minute “TV show” to feature one of our exciting use case applications involving a drone! Both videos have been wildly popular and are doing a great job for our brand awareness, driving interest and enthusiasm for our game-changing technology.”