Derby Makes Great Video

Tam and I wrapped the 2010 Santa Cruz Derby Girls Highlight Reel over the weekend and it was viewed by about 150 members of the league on Saturday night.  We spent this last season (3rd season as a sponsor) shooting all of the home games, which are used for various needs in the league. The referee crew, or the Track Pack, study the game tape to learn how to function better as individual refs and together as a team. The coaches utilize the tape to review with the players to see where they can improve their game and strategy.  We also take the video we shoot and create music videos that we release on YouTube and put on the league’s website for fans to view; they have become very well-known as being some of the best videos in derby. Occasionally, when Tam feels like torturing himself he will edit each jam with multi-camera angles to give viewers the full effect of being there.

Our mission for the 2010 Highlight Reel was to take the hours of tape we shot with the help of John Barrett and edit it into one kick-ass video with inspiring shots, great effects and emotional music.  Tam spent most of the week finding the right music, grabbing the best action shots and starting to build the general feel and look to it.  My job started on Friday when I sat down with him to check out the first cut and give him direction on my ideas.  He was up early Saturday morning putting his finishing touches on it, transitions, effects and checking music levels.  My final job was to do my best to make sure everyone was being featured, scouring hours and hours of video to find shots of league members.  As a league member of the Santa Cruz Derby Girls, I am able to identify all of the league members who have not been represented and have a vested interest that we do our best to make sure that everyone is recognized.  It’s important to me as not only a sponsor but a leaguemate that not just the super stars are recognized for the hard work they put into the league.  I think we accomplished our goals and I am very happy with the end result. We gave the league a great end product that I know the members will be able to cherish for years to come.