Giovana, an AWESOME Intern

This last Spring we hired on Giovana as a marketing intern but she became more than that during her time at Tam. When she joined us we had just started planning for the Boardwalk Flash Mob. She had expressed that she loved event coordination and it truly felt like one of those moments where the stars aligned. Giovana came in and was an invaluable member of the Tam Flash Mob team, she brought in her dedication, hard work and marketing knowledge to help behind-the-scenes to get the word out, organize practices, dancers and us. She also gained experience with the innerworkings of a multi-media production company, going on production with us for Aloha Summer and coordinating auditions for Roaring Camp Railroads. Giovana’s time at Tam was too short and we will miss definitely miss having her wonderful presence at Tam. We wish her luck in her summer program at Stanford and her career beyond that.