Giving Blood

When you think of blood and derby, you’re probably thinking someone took a nasty fall and banged up some part of their body (or worse). This would not be the connection to make in our initial video produced for the Santa Cruz Derby Girls Community First Committee. The American Red Cross, Santa Cruz Chapter, was the featured non-profit chosen for March. The head of the Committee, Tall Can, felt it was important to do more to promote the work that the league is doing for their chosen non-profits. She asked us to create videos around the events that the league members participate in and the first of these events was a blood drive.

From our standpoint, it’s a win-win-win-win. A win for the skaters who spent their afternoon giving blood and are featured in the short video; a win for the League and the great work that they do for the Community; a win for the American Red Cross who had their work in Santa Cruz promoted, which will hopefully encourage even more people to give blood; and a win for Tam Communications, allowing us to give back to the Community as well by producing the video.

The short video will play at future bouts and can also be seen on the Tam Communications YouTube Channel. And if you think that voice sounds familiar, you’re right, it’s me aka Shamrock N. Roller.