Goodguys Kicks Off New Season with New Spots

Do we have cool clients or what? This is our second season producing commercials for the Goodguys Custom and Rod Association—the giant car show that tours the country with 20 events during a season that spans from March to November, beginning and ending in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Similar to last year, our task was to produce two radio spots and four TV spots for each event. Do the math…that’s 120 spots. Wowzers! While we were ready to roll with the same graphics package as last year, our client wanted a new look to match a new design to their posters and other collateral. Made sense. That task to animate the graphics of the poster fell to our Art Director/Graphics & Effects Artist, Mike Baxter of Makai Designs. We also had some new footage (some of it shot by us) that we could incorporate to really change up the spots.

Producer, Regan Eymann, worked with Editor, Tam O’Connor Fraser to get the spots just right before presenting to Goodguys. Once approved, we trafficked the spots to the various radio and television stations in the Scottsdale area based on Mogo Interactive’s media buy.

Regan lets us know just how she feels about the project…”I absolutely love working on the Goodguys spots! Being involved in the creative from start to finish and delivering the spots to the stations, I really feel satisfaction from concept to completion. And the Goodguys team is amazing to collaborate with and the team at Mogo are great to work with. It’s a project I truly enjoy working with year round.”