The Googuys: Cool Cars. Cool People. Good Times.

Cool Cars. Cool People. Good Times. That’s what you get at a Goodguys giant car show and that’s what we’ve been experiencing working with one of our newest clients, the Goodguys Custom and Rod Association. With 20 shows all across the country, we’ve been producing almost weekly spots for both television and radio since February. If we do the math, four television and two radio spots per location we’ll produce about 120 different commercials over the course of this season and that doesn’t include b-roll reels for public relations purposes and digital spots. Not only has it been great working with the Goodguys but it’s also given us a chance to work more closely with our newest media partner, Mogo Interactive. Mogo is an integrated digital marketing firm and leaders in innovative digital marketing; they really have their finger on the pulse of how the media buying world is evolving. That coupled with just amazing people working there, the trio of the Goodguys, Mogo and Tam teams has been an excellent and strong dynamic.

Creatively, it has been an interesting trial in taking the Goodguys out of their comfort zone of the spots they’ve done for years. We wanted to come in and use our experience with what we’ve learned from our work with the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to create a more immersive creative that brought the viewer into the event with less focus on just the metal of the show. Combining existing footage with new, more experiential material, a new graphics package, music and voice over, we created a much different viewer experience.

Overall, the way we’ve been able to work together, adapt and collaborate with the Goodguys and Mogo has been very rewarding and we’re looking forward to what future collaboration will bring.