HNU: You Bring the Dream. We Bring the Opportunity.

Speaking of opportunities…a lot of our business is repeat business and the rest usually comes to us through word of mouth/referrals. In the case of Holy Names University, that referral came from Mogo Interactive, HNU’s integrated digital marketing firm. We were already working with Mogo with their client Goodguys, so it was great to be presented with this awesome opportunity.

The media strategy included outdoor digital billboards, digital ads, social media, radio and TV. We presented two different concepts. It’s always fun when you pitch a client and they really like the first concept but love the second. That was the case in this situation. The HNU marketing team selected two students — one undergrad and one grad student for us to profile in the spots. As they went to work on the print, digital, and outdoor deliverables, we tackled the video, TV and radio.

Production Manager, Kelly Gavin, helped pull together the multi-day, multi-location shoot. We spent a day on campus for each of our student profiles, interviewing them and shooting snippets of what life at HNU is like for them. This included classes, studying, hanging out with other students, after-school activities and more. We then followed them into their off-campus lives so that we could tell their inspirational personal stories.

See how each spot spoke to the different audiences that HNU wanted to talk to through the same messaging of You Bring the Dream. We Bring the Opportunity.