International Academy of Dance, Santa Cruz, Dance Studio

Engaged in our Community with International Academy of Dance

Every year we like to partner with an organization that is going above and beyond to make a change in our community. The last couple of years, that partnership has grown with International Academy of Dance, a dance school located in Santa Cruz. My children have been going to this school for about four years now and we absolutely love it. The studio is very inviting, all the teachers are amazing and the community of dancers and parents is wonderful. After several days of shooting in the studio and amassing hours upon hours of footage we went into post to create one video for them, that one video eventually spawned into three videos, one still in the works.

The first video completed was focused on Adult Dance, a chance for the adult dancers at the school to express what they love most about the school and to promote the studio as a place where adults can come and start anew in dance or revisit a lifelong passion for dance. The idea of starting something new can be scary for adults but IAD does an amazing job of making everyone feel welcome. Even I started taking a tap class to pursue a passion I’ve had for a very long time and have been absolutely enjoying the challenge and the chance to fulfill something I’ve always wanted to do. Watch the Adult Dance Video:

The second video we completed was focused on the idea of being new to dance and was geared at parents and children that are looking for a school. Including amazing interviews with parents and kids, you truly get an idea of what an amazing environment IAD is and how they not only focus on the joy of dance but the health of each dancer. As a parent of kids at the school I couldn’t agree with them more. Watching my children grow at the school has truly made me appreciate all of the teachers and the community of school. Check out the New to Dance Video:

Our last video focuses on the Advanced Ballet Program at the school and how the school provides the top level of professional training for dancers looking to pursue a career in dance. We hope to see this video completed soon!!

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