Loyalty…Good Business Practice

Customer loyalty is something we all strive for. Going above and beyond, delivering consistent quality time and time again, regardless of the size of the project or request, is something that clients have come to expect from us. And, it’s been rewarded with their loyalty. Certainly, it’s a fragile relationship that must be nurtured. We like to connect with our clients not just professionally but personally. And that objective has led (in our experience) to friendships and partnerships that last decades. It’s, literally, what has kept Tam Communications in business through good times and bad.

Customer loyalty is a two-way street. While we’re always committed to those long-term relationships with our clients, we’re just as committed to our vendors including freelancers and talent. We have freelancers that we consistently work with, and our loyalty to them as often as we can, creates a solid working relationship that then produces the best end-product for your clients. Every time you work with a freelancer each of you becomes better and better at getting to the most creative and effective solution in the most efficient way possible. As a result, a short-hand almost Vulcan mind-meld type of communication develops so that a gaffer has the right light available before Tam asks for it; the production assistant is on-the-spot with model releases before I ask; the artist burns the midnight oil to get a new render ready; and the DVD replicator rushes an order at no extra charge so we can meet a deadline and they can prove their loyalty to us.

We also like to hire great talent (actors and narrators) multiple times as long as the projects are in different business sectors. That’s why you may see some of the same faces or hear some of the same voices in our videos. When we have a great experience with a particular actor, we know we can depend on them to deliver and they know we’re creating great videos that will help them build a reel of great work.

In the end, we all try harder to get the best result and, at the same time, have fun on the set. Talk with our actors and freelancers and they’ll tell you how much they enjoy working on a Tam project.

This practice of customer loyalty has kept us going strong for over 30 years and will continue to keep us going for many more. Happy New Year!