Planning, Set-up and Bouting!

With all the GoPros we recently purchased for our project with Nordic Naturals for the time lapse we did for them, we were very inspired to see what time lapse would look like from start to finish of a Santa Cruz Derby Girls bout at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium (aka Santa Cruz Derby Girls Stadium). We wanted to capture the very first bout of the 2011 season where the Boardwalk Bombshells took on the Sac City Rollers (just a little side note…this was my first game back after having my baby, Lily), so we set-up a camera early in the day right as they were laying the track for the night and then let it run at five frames per second until the end of the bout.

It’s definitely amazing to see how you can condense nearly nine hours into 1:20 of a finished piece showing everything that happened in that span of time: lots of planning, set-up and bouting!