Stop and Smell the Redwoods

One of the perks of our job is that we have clients who operate in one of the most beautiful places on earth and we get to tell their stories. Some times I wonder…how did we get so lucky? Then, when we’re out on production and I’m taking in the beauty of a redwood forest or I’m soaking in the sun of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk or feeling the wind on my face as we sail on the Chardonnay II, suddenly it hits me. This is my backyard. We live here. So many of the other people that flock to these destinations don’t enjoy this vantage point every single day. Not that there aren’t other beautiful places on earth or that Northern California as a whole isn’t one of the most incredible areas to live, but people travel here, plan their vacations here, from all over the world. Have you listened to all the languages spoken as you walk on West Cliff or on the Boardwalk?

And then I realize…how often we take for granted what we have. We complain about beach traffic or how difficult it is to find parking downtown on weekends but do we regularly stop and appreciate what brings all these people to OUR little slice of heaven? Or do we get so involved in our own daily lives so that when we finally plan that family getaway, we forget what our own backyard has to offer?

Take Roaring Camp Railroads. Really…take it to the top of Bear Mountain. It’s certainly a favorite among young children but Roaring Camp Railroad offers so much more for everyone. Sure, there’s the 19th Century Redwood Steam Train, where you travel through towering redwood groves, over trestles, surrounded by awe-inspiring views, up a winding narrow-gauge track to the summit. It’s a breath-taking ride. As the conductors narrate the history of Roaring Camp, the railroad and the forest itself, children and adults alike learn about the history of our area and get to know a little bit about the wildlife that still populates the forest.

You can picnic in town or on the grounds, hike through the forest, or meander through the town of Roaring Camp and enjoy an interactive walk through history. If you haven’t ever been or haven’t been lately, put Roaring Camp Railroads on your list of things to do this Indian Summer.

Meanwhile, we’ll continue to share our unique view of Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay, and Silicon Valley. After all…it’s our own backyard.

Backyard Buzz – Did you know? Roaring Camp’s steam engines date from 1890 and are among the oldest and most authentically preserved narrow-gauge steam engines providing regularly scheduled passenger service in America.