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Street Medics

It’s 7:30am. You’re nearing the end of a 24 hour shift. Suddenly, you get the call. A four car accident. Several passengers injured. You hop in an ambulance and speed off to the scene. Racing through the driving rain, you try to prepare yourself for every possible scenario, knowing that each second that goes by can mean the difference between life and death. Welcome to the lives of Street Medics.

From dealing with an auto accident, to handling a victim of cardiac arrest, paramedics are expected to extend the services of a hospital emergency room onto our streets. Street Medics brings you along for the ride with these courageous men and women as they deal with actual emergencies and gives you a never-before-seen look at how the physical and emotional stress of the job affects their personal lives.

Featuring exhilarating footage of real-life crisis situations, Street Medics is an unforgettable look into the lives of the brave men and women you never hope to meet — but you’ll be thankful to see when you need them.