Thinking Outside the Box – Award Winning Music Video for Satellite Healthcare

Our long-time client, Satellite Healthcare, is a leader in dialysis treatment, including in-center care and home dialysis options. We have enjoyed working closely with them to create patient education videos that truly reflect their directive of making life better for those living with kidney disease. We also create videos for their leadership events, to share the mission and directives of this highly motivated and thoughtful organization.

Last year, we had the opportunity to think outside the box with them. Satellite launched their Road to Zero campaign, which celebrates their successful fight against patient infections in their centers (zero infections is everyone’s goal). They rallied enthusiasm for this internal campaign by engaging staff and leadership with music videos. This was such a fun way to engage and connect these dedicated professionals outside of their usual interactions. Our video “Hands Clean” was the spark that lit the fire under all the amazing centers who contributed their own creative efforts to spread the word about infection prevention. For our efforts, we contributed talent from both within #TeamTam and beyond, and relied heavily on the Satellite Healthcare team to bring the message home. And that they did. We can’t wash our hands without this song in our heads as our hands and feet instinctively start to move. We’ll dig into the process of creating this award-winning video in a future post. In the meantime, enjoy. (And wash your hands clean!)