We’re Stoked! How ’bout you?

Often when you go from Point A to Point B (a flash presentation), Point B ends up looking like PowerPoint on steroids when Point A (your storyboard) IS a PowerPoint presentation. How do you get beyond that? How do you take the blinders off? For our recent project for Stoke, I had artist, Aaron Dingman create the storyboards and what ended up being his base art. My input? A couple of images I grabbed from istockphoto (always great for brainstorming), a short write up on the visual direction and the script. For the look, I told him I wanted wire frame people–something that looked unique and high tech. And for the execution, I needed to show the depth and complexity of a mobile network and wanted to be able to move within a 3D space but without a 3D budget. His solution 2.5D. Not 2D. Not 3D. But 2.5 D. It was exactly what the doctor…or in this case, creative director…ordered.