West Marine University

West Marine has been a client of ours for many years. We used to produce all of their national television commercials. You can imagine how tough that is…production in places like southern California, northern Washington state, and south Florida. (Wonder why we love our work?) Then they stopped buying TV. So you can imagine our delight when they contacted us to produce a couple of videos for what they call their West Marine University. We’ve produced videos for this event – where they bring their Store Managers, District Managers, Regional VPs and outside and inside sales reps for the Port Supply wholesale division to train and inspire them. Inspiration is right in our wheel house.

This year’s video was all about the big reveal of the new company tag line and to build up to the reveal we first recapped the origins of the company and the years leading up to 2012. Working with the talented Aaron Dingman, we took the West Marine logo (2D graphic of a piece rope) and turned it into its 3D counterpart, which then became the timeline for the history of West Marine. As we traveled along the rope, we entered a series of archive photos or video. The first chapter begins in 1967 when Randy Repass founds West Coast Ropes. We hear a bit of Randy’s vision, over a series of historical stills, then move back to our timeline and onto the next chapter as West Marine is formed and touts their Quality Boating Gear and Apparel. More historical stills with music and then we’re off again to chapter three and “We Make Boating More Fun”.

“We Make Boating More Fun” has been their trademark tagline for as long as we can remember. But West Marine had literally outgrown the tagline. Their stores were really super stores of an active lifestyle based around the water. It’s not just about boats and boat owners. With stunning imagery and a rousing sound track, we introduced (drum roll, please) “For Your Life on the Water”. We seemed to have accomplished the inspiration objective. According to our client, “As expected, the video went over really, really well! The audience cheered, and I think they really “got it.” So it was a great success. The “walk out” video was also well received and was used not only at the end of Geoff’s keynote speech, but throughout the week at various dinners and other group functions. I can tell you that the response to the new tagline has been overwhelmingly positive, and I think that’s due in large part to the way the video worked to establish a context for our new brand positioning. As always, you guys did a great job pulling this all together in very short order. Thanks!”

No, thank you! For the business and your continued confidence in us. Until next time!