Wherever you are, 4INFO is there.

For this particular project, we wanted something fun…something that reflected the 4INFO branding along with the people that are served by 4INFO’s technology–young people in that sweet spot when it comes to advertising (18 – 34 years old). Like many of the projects we work on, it was enlightening. This time learning about SMS–short message service–and the amount of people reached by mobile advertising. Now a little text alert may not be as sexy as a 3D-based commercial but the exciting thing is that the 4INFO text messaging service can reach customers wherever they are and then lead them to that 3D commercial. And unlike the spam that drives me nuts every day, 4INFO alerts are totally opt in, sending text messages that mobile phone users WANT to receive. It’s one of the things I love about my job. Not only do I get to learn something new literally every day, I get to learn about COOL things every day.