• Anritsu Debuts the Signal Hunters

    We don’t care where good ideas come from. As Creative Director, it’s mostly left up to me but not always. Sometimes it’s Tam or Regan and sometimes it’s our client. That was the case in this situation where the client, Anritsu, came up with the idea of doing a parody of “Myth Busters” to illustrate […]

  • Goodguys Kicks Off New Season with New Spots

    Do we have cool clients or what? This is our second season producing commercials for the Goodguys Custom and Rod Association—the giant car show that tours the country with 20 events during a season that spans from March to November, beginning and ending in Scottsdale, Arizona. Similar to last year, our task was to produce […]

  • Anritsu’s New Spectrum Analyzer Takes it to the Extreme

    We actually produced this video last fall for an Anritsu EMEA sales conference but we couldn’t share it until recently when the product actually launched. Our client, former Tamster, Siiri Hage, called us in for a project intake where she wanted to combine extreme sports footage with their new ultra-portable Spectrum Analyzer, a revolutionary new […]

  • Liliana: The Boardwalk Expert

    2016 was the year of the social media video for the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. We created dozens of videos from simple POVs to behind the scenes of special events but our favorite of all was the series, Liliana: The Boardwalk Expert hosted by Santa Cruz local Liliana Eymann. If the name is familiar, that’s […]

  • HNU: You Bring the Dream. We Bring the Opportunity.

    Speaking of opportunities…a lot of our business is repeat business and the rest usually comes to us through word of mouth/referrals. In the case of Holy Names University, that referral came from Mogo Interactive, HNU’s integrated digital marketing firm. We were already working with Mogo with their client Goodguys, so it was great to be […]